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Title: Huge online tube auction closing JAN 7
Post by: Opcom on January 01, 2023, 01:25:44 AM
Sargent Auctions, Granbury TX.
Online format.
Many lots of all kinds and sizes of tubes, auction format. supposed to be some tube testers, have not looked beyond getting 4 random pics.

Interesting and hard to find tubes often show up at this guy's auctions. His auctions are usually for vintage stuff (wooden radios and some hifi) and when some more modern or ham stuff shows up the price can be really good because it's not what most of his customers are after.

They will ship. the pic shows 4 random 'lots'. Just to show what these can look like. There are 228 lots at the moment.

I've won many lots over the last couple of years and had no regrets because I'm a careful bidder. Just keep in mind the items are not usually checked unless it says new or tested. You can call and ask about an item as well.

So I like it. Just thought it may be of interest to those with vintage gear.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated in any way with this auction company nor am I compensated. I am merely a customer/bidder. I am a member of the Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society, as is the auctioneer. That's about it!
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