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Title: Nice talks in AM!
Post by: pe1mph on October 26, 2022, 02:27:50 PM
Hello AM Lover,
Just I had 3 very nice qso's on 15 meter.

I started talking around 19:00 hour our time, thats 17:00 GMT time
By me early in the evening ;D

1. W5JAY, 21.420 S1 to S6, many fading

2. WB1EAD, 21.410 S1 to S7,  good and loud audio

3. WA1HLR, 21. 422 S 1 to S7, good and loud audio

Great to talk with you all in AM!!
Nice to hear Tim again, often I listen to him on 75 mtrs... hi, hi....

My transmitter: Yeasu FT 901 DM, naked carrier +/- 10 Watt
Antenna: nearly hanging like a dipole, 2x +/- 33 meters, North - South
Behind the Allbander: home made antenna tuner.

While I type this (now 20:25 by me), I hear some stations talking on +/- 21.420!
But signals are not so good anymore then before! :'(


Henk / PE1MPH
Dokkum / The Netherlands
AMfone - Dedicated to Amplitude Modulation on the Amateur Radio Bands