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Title: BC-348
Post by: KA3EKH on September 02, 2022, 03:44:02 PM
Some will die that others may live. A friend gave me this radio that had been under water or somehow became coated with a layer of dirt or fine dust that was throughout the radio. The front panel cleaned up well and looked almost new. But the interior was crap, between the conversion work and the mud it was a basket case.
Ended up that I transplanted the face over to my BC-348 along with the CW oscillator switch that was wonky on my radio. Also had a clean BC-224, primitive BC-348 that I picked up out in Dayton this year that was missing some knobs and other parts that were provided by the donor set.
Looking at the picture you can see the donor set in the front, the BC-224 and the BC-348 in the back that now has a clean face and shock mount.
I had a video up for years on YouTube about the BC-348 that I received lots of grief over installing a S meter and it was not that useful anyway so now that set is all original in appearance. 
I have that receiver paired with my ARC-38 AM Transceiver that I use every first of the month for the MMRCG Net and thinking that I am going to clean up and redo that set up.

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