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Title: Need a Schematic for Solarsystems VI 6 Meter Transceveiver
Post by: ve3ebm on January 14, 2022, 12:55:36 PM

Hello All and Happy New Year:
Firstly, my thanks to AMfone for the admission as a member.

I am trying to restore a Solar Electronics 6 Meter transceiver made in about 1961 or 1962. I do not have the power cord for it and it is a multi-pin male on the rear apron. This is a typical power supply setup of that time using 6 or 12 volt DC or120 volt AC by selecting the appropriate connections in the power plug.

The best information I have found so far is in Radiomuseum and that is a picture of the set and some basic information derived from an AD in QST. Other than that, a fairly in depth search of the internet has returned nothing directly connected to this radio. I have also emailed with Pete the manualman and he has nothing either.

It is my hope that someone reading this forum has either a schematic of this radio or can at least provide me with a copy of the power connections for the power cord when using 120 volt AC mains power.

I appreciate all of you that read this question and I look forward to any replies or advice that you wish to return to me.
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