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Title: Hallicrafters BC-610
Post by: W5TYZ on October 11, 2021, 06:32:19 PM
Hello all....
I am new to this forum, and new to AM radio.  I have several Hallicrafters early
SX receivers, and now I have acquired a complete BC- 610. I still have to get the
SX-28 going, but I may divert my energy to the 610. It comes with the tuner and
speech amplifier, plus a padded bucket of coils.  Is anyone on here working on or has
worked on the BC-610.  I am going to need some resources... I can tell.  All of the
components need a complete make-over.  When I was in Korea back in the mid 60's,
I operated as HL9KH, and we used a HT-37 exiter, connected to a BC-610 as an Amp,
and fed the signal into a pair of phased Hy-Gain Log periodic beams. Most of the time we
didn't phase them, just used them individual with a rotor.  Those were the days with
Uncle Sam furnishing what ever you needed.  So any input would be appreciated.

Benny- W5TYZ

Title: Re: Hallicrafters BC-610
Post by: W2PFY on October 14, 2021, 04:19:12 PM
Hello Benny It looks like it's a lonely world out there for 610 owners? I am sure there are others on here who have worked on BC-610's but here I am and would be glad to offer what ever I can to help you. I have been running two BC-610's both a C model and now a D models. I sold the C model over ten years ago. I had a lot of fun with it but it was time to use the newer 1943 model D. I have also worked on the BC-614 speech amplifier and the BC-939 tuner. I have other big stuff such as my Westinghouse MW-2 that you can gander at with the link on QRZ.  This spot and QRZ are both great places for parts and knowledge for old stuff like some of us have. So lets have it, what model do you have and what are your questions?


Terry aka W2PFY    

Title: Re: Hallicrafters BC-610
Post by: W5TYZ on October 14, 2021, 04:28:09 PM
Hi Terry....
Well, like the guy said, I don't know enough to ask questions yet.  I have the tuner on the bench tearing it down for a complete clean-up.  I have an ultrasonic cleaner that will hold both roller inductors, and of course the air variables also.  I do not have the 610 in my shop yet but I think it may happen this weekend.  The move has been postponed several times, due to weather and availability of strong backs.  So it may happen soon.  All components have been in less than desirable storage for about 40 years.  I'll keep you posted.  The 610 is the "E" model. Even if I don't get it moved this weekend, I'll get some pictures of it.  Thanks for your response.

Benny - W5TYZ

Title: Re: Hallicrafters BC-610
Post by: Opcom on October 16, 2021, 01:42:39 AM
If the 610 isn't enough, there is an amp to go with it, but most were stripped for the parts. Two 833 running 3KV @1A IIRC.

Title: Re: Hallicrafters BC-610
Post by: W2PFY on October 17, 2021, 12:52:09 AM
The amplifier was the AM-141 that was only used for CW and RTTY, not AM. It is a big beast to say the least. I have the manual around here for it. The amp ran off of 117 volts single phase and required a 10 KW gen for field work but I don't think they took them out on the battle field too often. The BC-610 was controlled by a variac mounted in the AM-141 to control the 610's plate transformer so it wouldn't over drive the 833a's

It used link coils on the grid and final. The links on the grid were fixed  and the final coils had movable links and would fit into the old 1 KW jack bars. I have most of the final coils. I believe they could handle more that 2KW on phone and probably 5-8 KW on SSB. They would also make great antenna tuner coils. I heard that there was one somewhere in NH but that was just a rumor. I wouldn't be surprised if there were none left and if any were ever found, they would have been long ago parted out. I seen the plate transformer for one a long time ago in Syracuse at a private sale. It was a bone crusher!


Title: Re: Hallicrafters BC-610
Post by: Opcom on October 17, 2021, 12:23:30 PM
I have one of those plate transformers and it's been sitting on the same shelf for a few years because it's got to be >200 Lbs. The only other thing like it is the PA-309/CG-309 plate transformer 3500-0-3500@1A DC.
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