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Title: Herbach and Rademan catalogs and web site.
Post by: Opcom on September 06, 2021, 02:49:46 PM
While sorting through some 100+ document boxes full of books and magazines, some old Herbach and Rademan catalogs have turned up. I remember those catalogs going way back.

Today, everything's online. They have an extensive line card of what seems current and surplus product, but none of it is shown.

There is a huge selection of synchronous timing motors listed directly. Every speed from 1 rev per second to 1 rev per168 hours (a week!).

Some gearherad motors as well. Might be useful for remote tuning.

Today's offerings may not carry the same fascination and imagination-inducing character of the previous times, but some website improvement could make it more attractive. When I'm looking for parts to make or fix something in the station, it would be nice to know if they even have it, or anything remotely like it, and what it looks like.

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