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Title: Plasma-Therm HFS2000D saved from the scrap heap
Post by: va3dxv on August 24, 2021, 02:57:03 PM
I responded to a random facebook ad yesterday. All it had was this photo with the caption "amateur radio loading tuning?"


I could see the cover wasn't secured so out of curiousity I asked if I could get a picture of the inside... she sent this pic:


Typical ham hoarder, I'm always willing to jump at a deal on good parts... and even though I had no idea exactly wtf this was for, I knew those vacuum variables could come in very handy. The price was basically a steal. So without hesitation I said "I'll take it". She said to get there ASAP because there was someone else coming to see it later that day. I made the 45 minute drive without getting a speeding ticket  ;D

As I'm about to pull the cash out of my pocket and walk away with what was already a good deal, her husband walks in the garage and says "oh that thing goes with this" and points to this rack that was buried in a corner:


Well uhh... I wasn't planning on crippling my back today, but... OK? ???

At first glance had no idea what it was, other than being some kind industrial RF apparatus. He said a metal scrapper was going to come take it away. Taking a quick look inside made it VERY obvious I shouldn't leave it to that fate. Luckily he was willing to help me load it into the back of my little SUV and it just BARELY fit.

I'm sure many of you know exactly what it is and what it's used for, but I was clueless until I did some research later. Still kind of fuzzy, but I know it's a 2000W 13.56MHz plasma generator used in semiconductor manufacturing (I think).

The RF deck is quite stout, and the whole thing is chock full of useful parts. The 'tuner' that was in the original picture is the companion MN-2000E matching network. I also was given the original documentation and schematic booklet.


The tube is a well used 5CX1500. The power supply is unfortunately 208-240V 3-phase and not much use to me in this application... though I did hook it up to a 120V variac and with the 2 outer primary windings in parallel and the 2 outer secondary windings in series, it made 2100VAC, so it might be useful there.

So now I've got it... I have to figure out what to do with it! Not sure if I want to tear it down for its parts and build a totally different amp, or if I want to just attempt a conversion.

Anyways, I've scanned and attached the schematic in case some one else ever finds one and happens to need it. I couldn't find it online anywhere.

Title: Re: Plasma-Therm HFS2000D saved from the scrap heap
Post by: Opcom on August 27, 2021, 03:05:03 AM
I'll have to see if the 5CX1500 is still lying around here. I have no need of it. Will let you know.
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