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Title: Need C42 Johnson Valiant or doorknob caps!
Post by: W4JPL on June 13, 2021, 09:00:13 PM
I have TWO Valiant's that I'm trying to get on the air.
One is covered in the previous post (and thank you to all who responded with good suggestions, which I am following up on.

The other is a kit built transmitter, which I've been doing a lot of work on.
One thing I just found out is that the 3 section capacitor C42 is fairly well trashed.

It looks like it's been buggered up fairly well, and is beyond repair.

I've got it apart, and might be able to clean it up, but have no idea if it's complete, or what the reassembly sequence is.

Does anyone have one I can buy?

Or, does anyone have the appropriate doorknob caps they are willing to part with (600, 900, and 1200PF)
I understand that exact values not needed!

Let me know, and again thanks to all who have sent me suggestions!

73, John W4JPL
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