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Title: large panel meters and manly amp-clamps
Post by: Opcom on July 08, 2020, 11:37:49 PM
I was asked to find 'representative' sample images of 'big' industrial meters, and clamp-on ammeter type items. reference for art project ideas.

So, here, may as well share since these are always interesting. The amp-clamps are listed in order of price. Note it was not meant to be an exhaustive search.

"large" size panel meters for megalomaniacs:

Manly-sized clamp-on ammeters: (lot of 5) (Simpson Clamp On Current Transformer 2000:1) (clamp on curr. xfmr. for use with Simpson model 605) (Ground Fault Detector Clamp on Ammeter, scales 1-20A)

These links to industrial surplus may also be interesting:

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