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Title: (almost) DC to daylight
Post by: Opcom on June 27, 2020, 09:25:36 PM
almost DC to daylight covered and they all have AM modes!

R-1247/GRC-129 (a special version R-390A, same coverage and appearance except back)
This has extra inputs on the back that were driven by an optional synthesizer for improved frequency accuracy. Used by the Air Force and some CIA. Switching between front panel controls and synth was done by remote control. Anyone ever have one of these?

Nems-Clarke 1306A 30-260MHz

LTV G-166H receiver 250-1000Mc

Need to find decent manuals for these but will check them soon as there's some room on the bench.

Title: Re: (almost) DC to daylight
Post by: KA3EKH on June 28, 2020, 10:02:17 PM
The Nems Clarke is an old telemetry receiver. Have one that a friend has been storing for me along with the second chassis that extends the range up to 512 or something like that; also have the matching Nems Clarke spectrum display thatís the size of the receiver. In short a rack full of nineteen sixties technology that can be replaced with a USB thumb stick today. They did have wide band IF systems and AFC that was somewhat useful.
The ones I have still have all the NASA stickers attach and think thatís the best part, just donít have the floor space for them at home. Wonder if the one you have came out of White Sands?
They were also used all over as APT weather receivers back in the days of 137.50 APT weather fax satellites, years ago had one set up with a PC to display weather satellite direct.
The LTV and its evil twin sister Watkins Johnson were counter measure receivers; they are sensitive but hard as hell to tune. Most of the front end is little Nuvistor tubes.

Title: Re: (almost) DC to daylight
Post by: Opcom on July 01, 2020, 01:02:54 AM
I love randomly tuning around every once in a while. There's a nice VHF "FAA" discone here that needs to go up the tower, and some weird motorola thing I have not unboxed. The challenge is that it's a good 100FT from the tower-top mount to the racks. The coax will have to be chosen wisely for #1 outdoor long life and #2 low loss.
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