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Title: Illegal Field Opps
Post by: KA3EKH on June 05, 2020, 10:12:28 PM
tomorrow, Saturday in Sussex Delaware some of us will be getting together for an unsanctioned mini Ham Fest. I intend to drag my M-151A1 “mutt” over with all its radios and was planning on doing a field opp with the GRC-106
At 10:00 local will be the MMRCG net on 7.296 AM, the first of each month is always AM and I will be running USB + carrier, then at 12:00 local will be the Moose & squirrel Net on 5.357 USB
Both nets are for people running military radio equipment but are also open to anyone who wants to check in regardless of what they are running.

Title: Re: Illegal Field Opps
Post by: KA3EKH on June 06, 2020, 09:27:59 PM
I have wanted to drag the mutt out into the field beyond just operating in the yard, and today that’s what I did.
It was a small event, maybe just over fifty or so attended and around a dozen people set up tables and were selling. By big event standards it was not like a regular fest but there were some military items that were for sale.

I saw a Harris Falcon with the amplifier, ATU, all the cables and books for $3,000.00 and a Mackay transceiver for $1,500 along with some antennas and items like ammo boxes, none of the old time ARC-5 stuff but plenty of other items for sale.

My goal was to operate the mutt on the two Saturday morning nets and maybe try to get more people into the hobby of military radio collecting and operating.

I arrived at the event around 8:30 local and unloaded the mutt and set about getting everything prepared. Equipment included the AN/GRC-106 for HF operation, a VRC-12 for 51.0 and the URC-110 for VHF-FM.
Set up the inverted V for the MMRCG net and attempted to check into that net and although I was able to barley copy some stations like Joe W4VAG did not have good conditions but was able to copy KW1I and he did copy me so we QSY down to 7.290 and had a AM QSO there. The conditions were better on sixty meters and did take part in the M&S net without issue.
Had several people who enjoyed seeing the mutt and watching operations of the radios onboard.

I will have to work on having additional adapters on board for the next outing, if and whenever that may be.

In conclusion it was a hot day, lots of sunshine and a real pleasure operating an event in the field again and being less than twenty miles from the home QTH did not have to get up at some stupid ungodly early hour and got back home quick.

Attached is a picture from today’s event.

Title: Re: Illegal Field Opps
Post by: Opcom on June 08, 2020, 06:20:51 PM
Enjoy that Mutt. I had to get rid of my M35 and 'M8109' due to back problems, or suspension problems. I think those trucks have suspensions anyway.
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