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Title: Thats long ago...
Post by: pe1mph on April 05, 2020, 01:38:45 AM
Hello AM Lovers,
After a long time...
When I heard no AM from the Usa...

I heard this morning AM on 3885 and 3873 khz!😉

On 3885 Tim? and Don
On 3873 some AM stations, but I heard no names

Now it is 07:30 Summertime in the morning by me.
I listen with my Kenwood R 5000 connect with +/- 30 mtrs wire,
and homemade ant tuner in our living room.
Just before 07:30 I heard them on 3873...
But now nothing anymore...
On 3885 I heard now weak Don speaking.

But earlier this morning I saw good signals!!

Thats all and hopefull I hear you again,

Henk / pe1mph
Dokkum / The Netherlands😉
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