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Title: Heathkit AT-1 Plate Tank Assembly
Post by: W4AMV on August 01, 2019, 11:07:50 PM
Good day forum. Desire to return this Heathkit AT-1
to its original glory! This was a barn storage occupant.
The meter, power transfromer and choke are all original.
They are 100 % spot on and so desrving to be re stored.

The main issue is the plate tank link coupled coils are all
gone. Looks like someone decided to try a PI network and
never completed the task.

I have calculated the required plate tank inductance for 40
meters as well as the link inductance. The estimated k
factor for coupling is 0.2. The main inductor is 6 uH while
the coupling L is 1.4 uH. If someone has an original Heatkit
AT-1 Tank, I would appreciate some measurments. Coil length,
number of turns, spacing between plate coil and the link. The
diameter of the form. I have estimated that it is 1 inch diameter, like the
oscillator tank coil. This would help me gauge if my calculations are at least in the ball park.

Tnx in advance for any assistance, Alan
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