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Title: Semiconductor section added to
Post by: Opcom on July 22, 2019, 12:47:35 AM
We added a new section to and it's specifically devoted to semiconductors and is right after the Vacuum Tubes section. I am saying 'we' because these days we are a small team of volunteers.

It's a matter of what hobbyists, our guests want. The 1973 GE transistor replacement guide is the most popular document on the site and downloaded twice as often as either of the next two equally popular documents which are usually on tube amplifiers or transformers. Over 80 items were added in the new Semiconductor section. Hobbyists want to find replacements for old, and very old semiconductors in order to understand how to use modern replacements to repair classic gear. The new items are locally scanned, mirrored with permission, or mirrored where no permission is required, the value being that they are picked and are all in one place, with no external links to go bad or change over time. There is a stack of old General Electric and several Japanese semicondctor data books here as well as some Sams books I have permission to scan, and we hope to have that done soon.

There is also an adobe flash game in there that can be played in the browser and saved locally. It's the "Build A Transistor Challenge" Once your device is processed and then tested in the virtual semiconductor factory, the game scores you on device temperature and speed. It's a FET so players should be reasonably current. Let the fun begin.

As always, scanned material or documents are welcome and we will post them, and all are welcome to take,use,repost the materials from bunkerofdoom.

Thank you
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