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Title: Manual / schematic -Westrex 9200B Driver (seems unobtanium)
Post by: Opcom on July 11, 2019, 11:20:59 PM
Looking for the schematic or book on this beautifully made amplifier. Any help would be appreciated.

Says "Westrex 9200B Driver" on the front.

This Westrex driver amplifier uses two 8117 tubes to make about 100W, I was told.
Continuously tunable 1.5 to 31 MHz using that one crank and the round dial scale.
I think the input drive is very low like for a 6146 in AB1.
This was used to drive a larger amp with a 4CX3000A.

Nobody but nobody seems to have any data on this, or on the system it was part of.

Westrex stuff - all I can find is a lot of audio gear including Western Electric (parent company), and the Westrex products made for VOX in the UK. Westrex Communications did make some Marine AM/SSB sets and a big Fax modem for weather and Navy use. It's unclear if this was before or after Litton bought the firm.

Thank you
Patrick KD5OEI
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