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Title: Old Test Gear Heathkit Cap Checker
Post by: Ed/KB1HYS on April 20, 2005, 03:22:13 PM
Picked up a Heathkit C-3 cap/Resistor checker.  Needs rebuild but all the major parts are there. (pwr xfmr, tubes, controls)  Looks like someone started to recap it or something and lost interest.  
I think it's a pretty neat bit of gear, and especially like the fact you can do a cap check at the rated voltage, up to 450 I think.    
So anyone know anything about this? worth the rebuild effort?- I'd like to have it for the bench to supplement my digital cap meter (one for acurate value and one for leakage??)

Funny thing about it is that it uses a 1626(?) triode as a rectifier tube... I wonder if they were just real cheap surplus tubes back then or is there a different reason??
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