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Title: 6BE6 VS. 6BY6
Post by: WZ1M on May 10, 2019, 02:22:29 AM
OK, I have a Hallicrafters SX-111 in very nice shape. It has been recaped but I am going over it and realignment before I offer it up for sale. My question is, the 6BY6 mixer was replaced with a 6BE6. I can not see much differance. Is there any advantage to doing this? I did search the internet and found some answers but wondering what this group has for thoughts.

Title: Re: 6BE6 VS. 6BY6
Post by: DMOD on May 10, 2019, 03:48:40 PM
I would leave it in if the conductance checks out on a tube tester.

They 6BY6 has slightly higher conversion gain and slightly lower inter-element capacitance than does the 6BE6, so there is a slight operational advantage of the 6BY6 over the 6BE6.

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