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Title: AWA AM QSO party this weekend
Post by: W8ACR on February 14, 2019, 02:28:11 AM
Hello all,

I am acting as one of the flagship stations for the AWA AM qso party this weekend. I will be operating as W2AN and running my homebrew transmitter with about 250 watts of carrier. It is a single 810 modulated by 811s on 160 through 40 and HK-54ís modulated by 811s on 20. Here is my tentative operating schedule for the weekend. 7280 kHz at the start, 1945 kHz starting about 0200 UTC, and 3870+/- starting at about 0500 UTC until I run out of steam. On Sunday, I will work 20 meters at about 14330 all day starting about 1500 UTC. If 20 meters gives out before 2300, Iíll go back to 7280. Hope to make lots of contacts, and I hope my transmitter holds up! Iíll try to not get caught up in rag chewing, and keep the ball rolling so that I can get as many contacts in the log as possible. I will be by myself, and logging by hand, so please bear with me. A big thank you to Joe W3GMS for asking me to do this. It should be fun.

73, Ron W8ACR
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