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Title: AM Heavy Metal Rally, Sat. Jan 5th, 2019
Post by: NE1S on January 03, 2019, 07:44:18 AM
The Heavy Metal Night will be this Saturday evening, Jan.5th. I plan on getting on 75M with the big home-brew rig and making some noise.

This annual event isn't publicized very much outside of Electric Radio Magazine, its sponsor. The following is excerpted from the December, 2018 issue, of Electric Radio:

"Annual Electric Radio Heavy Metal Rally. I'd like to run the Rally Saturday, January 5th. This is the 28th year after Bill Kleronomos (KDOHG, SK) announced it and I hope it hasn't run its due course. Last year there was low participation, possibly due to poor propagation, and some "interesting" operating from a few high power stations that seemed to be acting like a net control, and not leaving any breaks between transmissions. This lack of a break extended to everyone else and made it next to impossible to participate unless you owned a surplus VOA transmitter with a 240kV mains supply. This isn't what friendly AM is about. I gave up trying to break 3 such groups and went QRT. Over the years, it's been a full contest, then no contest, then back again to a contest, and finally to a night of AM activity that is intended to showcase classic, high power AM transmitters running the full legal limit. Any AM transmitter is welcome, but be sure to leave breaks so the Elmacs and DX-40s can check in. It typically begins at local sunset and is a 75 meter phone event. I'd like to once again run photos and comments in the February 2019 issue, so please continue sending them in!"

I hope to hear you on!

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