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Title: ICOM 7610
Post by: K1ETP on December 04, 2018, 10:52:53 AM
Does anyone have any experience with the Icom 7610 on AM? Is it's transmit limited to 6 KHz like the 7300 or is the transmit bandwidth adjustable via menu to more than 6 KHz??

Rich K1ETP

Title: Re: ICOM 7610
Post by: KC2TAU on December 04, 2018, 12:16:42 PM
Hello Rich,

I took a look through the manual and the options and layout seem very similar to the IC-7300. The widest transmit bandwidth on SSB seems to be the same at 100-2900hz which leads me to believe the AM bandwidth is the same as the IC-7300. There are reports that receive audio on AM is better than the IC-7300 which rolled off everything below 200hz but I have not listened to an IC-7610 to confirm this.

Title: Re: ICOM 7610
Post by: N4LQ on March 23, 2023, 03:21:32 PM
On the 7610, AM rolls off abruptly at 300 hz unlike the 7300 which does so at 150 hz.
AM sounds better on the 7300 :-[ :-[ :'(
I can find nothing in the hidden menu to correct this.
Feeding AF into the ACC input has the same result.
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