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Title: Costa Rica - USA
Post by: PA0NVD on October 30, 2018, 07:13:55 PM
This afternoon I had a very pleasant QSO with Jo, KA1BWO. If you read this Jo, thanks a lot for it, I really enjoyed my first AM contact with the USA.
Unfortunately, the QSB did kick in, but I never lost a word from you. You were swinging between S5 and S9+
I worked with an Alinco DX70 and a homebrew 1 kW PEP SS linear. The drive of the Alinco in Low power was a bit too high, but you can't adjust it. I ran approx 350 W carrier. The antenna a Moxon at 6 meters high
When the shack is ready, (we did build a new house) than I will use a Philips transmitter with a QQE06/40 in balance in the modulator and a QQE06/40 in the PA with the sections in parallel. It delivers 50 Watts carrier. When the band is OK, that should be enough.
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