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Title: New AM net - military radio
Post by: K4NYW on October 27, 2018, 08:59:39 AM
The Midwest Military Radio Collectors Group was formed a year ago to
encourage the restoration and use of military radio equipment, building
on the success of similar groups on the East and West coasts.   Since
the military used both AM and USB for voice modes, both modes have
always been welcome on our 40 meter net which meets at 9AM Central time
on 7296 kHz.

But, starting Nov. 3, the first Saturday of each month will be conducted
in the AM mode, similar to the First Wednesday Collins Collectors
Association AM net.  All stations are encouraged to check in using AM,
regardless of the type of radio used.    In recognizing the role AM had
as the original operating mode for voice communication by the military,
we hope that a dedicated monthly AM net will encourage more hams to put
more ART-13s, TCS sets, ARC-5s, Angry 9s, and other "veteran radios" on
the air.

And if you happen to hear our USB net on the other weeks of the month,
please feel free to join us, as AM or USB are always welcome.  It would
be great to have AM check-ins, especially using military radios, every
week.   The net runs less than an hour and the indulgence of AM
operators for this time period is appreciated.

To repeat, the "First Saturday MMRCG AM Net" will be held on 7296 kHz at
9AM (14:00Z) starting on Nov. 3rd, 2018, and repeating on the first
Saturday of every month.

Thanks and 73,
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