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Title: interesting new project
Post by: PA0NVD on September 30, 2018, 07:39:06 PM
I did ran into an interesting nice project, wood glue drying with RF. I have to design first a small press for sample panels made of teak wood. I will design a 10 kW 13.56 MHz generator in order to have ample power to test the system at all kind of panels, settings, temperatures etc. With the collected information I have to design a bigger one that probably will have a 50 kW generator. I will build the stuff together with a University in Costa Rica. I have my pension  here after many years of work in this field having my own lab, but this one I can't let go, too much fun. And it is a real pleasure cooperating with the people from the university.
When everything turns outright, I may also design and build vacuum dryers for wood drying with  Vacuum and RF (Kilns)
So, again back to the big tubes and HV transformers!! ;D
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