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Title: Happy to see this sub section
Post by: PA0NVD on March 18, 2018, 07:07:07 PM
Thanks for setting up this sub section Steve, I will be roaming here quite a lot.
I saw already very nice pic's of collections, and appreciate to see more pic's. There is a lot around that we don't see often in Europe
I moved to Costa Rica and we are building a house. Most probably it will be finished end of July. Until than, my equipment is stored inside my sea container and it will not be possible to make pics until than.
I have a National HRO with all the coils, two AN/GRC9, one with the amplifier LV80, two sets WS19, the T1154, the R1155, a BC348, two PRC6/6, various PRC10 and other small FM stuff for the 50 MHz and a green battery 1940+ shortwave receiver, don't recall the number. (I have a good memory, but very short...)
I use the R1155 a lot together with a 1960 Philips transmitter the SFZ600 50 Watts AM with a QQE06/40 modulator and RF final Makes a nice combo.
Further a Siemens E311, a very nice but heavy receiver, all LC filters. A Siemens alternative for the Collins radios
I have 3 DY88 rotory powersupplies for the AN/GRC9 and I like to modify one to a SS 115VAC powersupply to use in the shack

Title: Re: Happy to see this sub section
Post by: k3msb on March 19, 2018, 07:30:59 AM
Thanks for setting up this section Steve! 

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