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Title: WTS/WTT Collins Gold Dust Twind
Post by: n1tnq on February 09, 2018, 02:17:44 PM
For Sale: Collins Gold Dust Twins,KWS-1(429), 75A4(4770) with 3 filters,Control Console,EV638 mic, Waters 359 Compreamp,.  This is a one-owner station, owned by Mack W1PNR (sk).  He was very particular about his radios and these are immaculate, with manuals, a bunch of spare tubes, finals,Fluorescent tube for the console, etc.  The only gotcha is that the original external air hose is decrepit and needs replacement.  (They all do by this time.) I provide a replacement that looks original but is not. There is a directional coupler to feed the console, but no selsyn or prop pitch. These radios have not been operated for 3 or 5 years I bought them from Norm W1ITT . 
$2500 or trade for a Flex 500 with computer and some cash or other radios, would like to sell as a package but  may split them up .  Pick-up in 04750  Limestone Maine.  tore both Rotator  Cuffs so I can not lift them them to work on them as I was going to recap both units.May also trade for a small metal lathe and bench to mill.
IM me your e-mail address or cell number and will send pictures.
73  N1TNQ
George Belford
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