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Title: WA1HLR on 3885 khz
Post by: pe1mph on October 07, 2017, 03:49:49 AM
Hello AM Lovers,
This morning I awake early and with some tea I walk to my studio.
I've caught a cold I think, so my voice is early mornings not....
Around 05.30 I tuned my home made transmitter to 3660 khz.
All works, the tubes were glowing.... I were standby for qso!

Later I heard Jean (F6AQK) on the freq. and we had before 6 o'clock a qso in AM.
His signal were good to strong, but some ssb around the freq.

Just after 6 o'clock I heard Fortunato (9H1ES) with S 4 - 5.
A pity for me.... he could not heard me, only a few words...
Jean (F6AQK) did have a big signal S9 +20!

After our qso I had a locale talk with Kees-Jan (PE1PIC) on 3660 khz.
And I heard Tjerk (PA1SBV) calling to me...
Strange.... he did not heard me??

I think around 06.45 hour by me I decided to listen around 3885 khz.
Maybe I can receive AM from the USA?!
Yes!!! I heard a station speaking.... he talks long... hi, hi... that must be: Tim (WA1HLR)! ;D

Hi, hi.... no problem, yes some fading, to receive him S5 - 7!
Sometimes I could hear some words from the other station....

But I walk out my studio to take a shower and later eating (bread) in the livingroom.
And still I could hear Tim talking on 3885 khz!!!
That happend around 07.30 hours by us in the morning.
I saw the conditions were going back... so I could not hear him anymore.

Hi, hi.... nice to hear after a long time AM from the USA!
I made a recording in my studio this morning, see below.

During the weekends we, F6AQK, 9H1ES and I, are mostly qrv on 3660 khz. ;)


Henk, pe1mph
Dokkum, The Netherlands

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