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Title: potter&brumfield relay specs (21 files), oscilloscope manuals (4) posted
Post by: Opcom on May 27, 2017, 12:46:35 AM
I got a new scanner and have been experimenting. Sorry these are all 600DPI and so the files are large size. On the other hand there is no problem reading them and they reprint great!

Potter & Brumfield:
It can be fun, but also troubling, to try and figure out what the coil voltage or ac/dc is on a random relay, much less the contacts ratings. Thanks to C. L. Mitchell K9PNP who loaned me the data sheets and catalogs, there is now a nice AMF Potter& Brumfield collection on (

Also, a few new oscilloscopes are added  - interesting types being with 12" diagonal CRT units, which are great for observing across the room. Except for the H/P unit, that usually have frequency response in the tens of KHz range. The H/P 1300A goes to 20MHz. These kind of units sometimes show up cheap at fests because people don't know how to use them or what for.

One use is the X-Y function for audio comparison IN vs OUT of speech stages to check linearity or find out where a troubling phase shift may be occurring.

Another use might be with a sampling converter to display the RF envelope from a transmitter. There is a 2013 QST project that does just that, allowing an envelope to be shown on a low frequency scope. I ddon't know if it will work on scopes with audio-type bandwidth.

That's all immaterial, here are the manuals for anyone that need to fix one of these X-Y or vector-type scopes:

Electrohome G-05 X-Y Monitor "Quadrascan" Oscilloscope, Electromagnetic Deflection, 19" diagonal CRT, 3.6MB. (

Hewlett Packard 1300A XY Display Oscilloscope, 20MHz, 8x10 Inch graticule (13" diagonal) CRT, 182MB. (

Texscan DU-127 XY Oscilloscope. Electromagnetic Deflection, 12" diagonal CRT, 17MB. (

Wavetek_1901C X-Y Oscilloscope, Electromagnetic Deflection, 12" diagonal CRT, 20MB. (
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