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Title: JPEG uplink ?
Post by: W3RSW on April 06, 2016, 08:02:52 AM
Can you unixly modify the file uplinks to accept jpegs? When I tried to send a pix directly from my iPad of some Victor kitchenware, uplink refused and listed every format , jpg, etc. all but JPEG.  (What do you know, my iPad automatically changed text to JPEG2000, caps and all. Had to change it back again. )

Sure I could take jpg with other camera, or try to find other workarounds, etc.mbut the simplicity of fast upload from iPad is lost. Funny, earlier iPad OS worked fine. Maybe something lost in last am fone burp.  Maybe it took jpegs earlier.

Tnx OM.

Title: Re: JPEG uplink ?
Post by: w1vtp on April 06, 2016, 09:24:28 AM
My understanding that JEPG2000 has an improved compression algorithm.  Unfortunately, many viewers / and probably bbs's will not accept the format.

I rely heavily on IRFANVIEW for compressing images for this bbs and when I send images as attachments in emails.  Irfanview does such a good job there is little or no apparent loss of details (pixel detail).  JEPG2000 is supposed to be better but what good is that if no one likes or wants to detail with such pictures

Are you sure you can't "dick around" with settings and get out of that JEPG2000 default setting?


Title: Re: JPEG uplink ?
Post by: Steve - K4HX on April 06, 2016, 07:02:07 PM
So, that's why I couldn't upload photos from my iPhone.

JPEG has been added to the upload list.
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