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Title: Heard in Europe
Post by: KL7OF on February 28, 2005, 06:46:31 PM
I have received several e-mails from Henk PE1MPH.......He is reporting to me that he and others in Europe are hearing USA AM stations on 160 and 75...He has even sent a couple of sound bytes....There has however been no identification of these AM stations.......Because the stations haven't given their call signs...Most recently, Sunday nite USA time on 3894 there were some strong AM signals.......that didn't give call signs often enough to be identified....The stations that are being heard are most likely in the eastern half of the country.   I don't think that the Europeans will hear us in the west as well or as often, but I plan to ID more often just in case... ...I hope he will report hearing YOUR callsign one of these days...... Later.....Steve KL7OF/7..... Tum Tum, WA

Title: Heard in Europe
Post by: Vortex Joe - N3IBX on February 28, 2005, 11:33:40 PM
        Henk sent them to me too, and I've been trying to identify who the mystery AM'ers might be.
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