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Title: PE1MPH: K1KW, K1IED and K1GUP
Post by: pe1mph on March 10, 2015, 11:00:04 AM
Hello AM Lovers,

Yesterday, mrt 9, there were good conditions on Ten!
Early in the morning I heard Larry (K1IED) on 29040 in AM.
This signal were comming up to S9.
Later I heard a man testing on 29020, but oh... my S-meter!
Chuck (K1KW) were testing and he has a big signal by me.
I asked him: 'Take care about my S-meter!'
Hi, hi... he returned for me and we had a nice AM qso!
He had max. S9+35 and with the INDOORant. max. S8!
After our qso I have been listening to Larry in our livingroom.
Totaly no problem to copy him, signal between S3 to S9+5.

It must be around 18.35 hour (evening by us!) I had a qso with Larry.
His (K1IED) were max. S5, on 29040, but we could hear each other.

After our nice talk, I heard Jerry calling on 29010 khz in AM.
I tried and he (K1GUP) did heard me, his signal were max. S5.
Sometimes I could hear him on my INDOORant.
The time were already by me 18.40 hours in the (early) evening!
But, a pity, abruptly the conditions on Ten were complete over...

I have been listening evenso to some AM stations around 29100 khz.
But I could not get there names or calls....

NOW: 16.00 hours by me, I heard Larry (K1IED) again with good signal.
He needs some water... he is calling often, but by me already S9!!
Strange nobody else in Europa hearing him calling...

Chuck, Larry and Jerry; thanks for the fine qso in AM! ;)


Henk, PE1MPH
Dokkum, The Netherlands
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