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Title: (2) 4 MFD @ 2000 VDC Oil Capacitors; Ideal for Use With A Mod. Reactor: SOLD!!!
Post by: W2XR on January 25, 2015, 11:38:22 PM
I am continuing my annual shack clean-out, and I have the following item that is now surplus to my needs:

A pair of used 4 MFD at 2000 VDC oil-filled capacitors. These are ideal for use as the DC blocking capacitor with a modulation reactor, and other applications. This is a very common value of capacitance for the DC blocking cap when used in conjunction with the typical values of inductance for a modulation reactor, and this value provides a very low impedance AC path for the lowest audio frequencies, while minimizing ringing and overshoot.

Their cosmetic condition is very good, but they could benefit from a little cleaning to remove the years of accumulated dust and dirt.

The price is $20.00 for the pair, plus the cost of shipment to your QTH from my zip code 11725.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about these caps; my e-mail is

Thanks & 73,

Bruce, W2XR
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