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Title: K1KW - PE1MPH qso in AM
Post by: pe1mph on September 26, 2014, 11:17:48 AM
Hello AM lovers,

Just I had a nice qso with Chuck: K1KW on 15 mtrs in AM.
I heard him talking and talking, but I could hear only Chuck!
After a short time listen, I did try to get a qso with him...

And around 17.00 hours by we had a qso on 21.430 in AM!
His signal were between S6 - S9+5.
Chuck has a very nice audio.... sounding very good into my ears!

A friend from me (Henry) listen evenso to 15 meters.
He lives in the middle of The Netherlands, I in the north.
He made later, after my qso, a recording from Chuck.
And sent it to me..... so you can hear how good Chuck were comming to us!

I used my olde Yeasu FT 901 DM, 8 watts and with audio +/- 10 Watts only.
Antenna: horizontale longwire +/- 25 mtrs long.

Chuck: I hope to work you again in AM! :D


Henk, pe1mph
Dokkum, The Netherlands
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