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Title: Made another 50.4 AM DX contact today EN82 to FN31
Post by: W8ASI on June 30, 2014, 11:17:56 PM
This afternoon I was monitoring 50.400 AM on my RCI 5054DX100 and M2 3 ele beam with zero noise level. I thought I heard something at the bottom.... I swung the beam around and found a weak signal fluttering in and out. The band came up and it was W1GRC in FN31 on his Lafeyette HA-460. I was hoping the band would stay up longer because I was going to go turn on my HA-460 and work HA-460 to HA-460 but he fell out of there. We did email afterwards to continue the qso and ironically he used to grow up miles from where I live.   Did not hear any other am stations the rest of the day but plenty of SSB from east coast to west coast.

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