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Title: FCC Cites Home Owners
Post by: W1RKW on January 07, 2005, 08:35:15 AM

Title: FCC Cites Home Owners
Post by: W4LTM on January 07, 2005, 09:19:07 AM
Man, you just have to love neighbors like that...

I had the same RFI issues this past Spring from my neighbors behind me and it turned out OK - thankfully.

I had some awful interference that took out 40 & 80 and for the life of me could not locate the source.  I complained to CenterPoint Energy and they had their radio guys come out to try to identify the noise.  They finally found out it was a battery charger for a scooter in the Lady's house.  She actually thanked them because she was not able to listen to her "music" because of some noise and did not know why.  I have not had any problems since.

Since Friendswood is only 15 minutes from here I wonder if a bad batch wall warts were imported...  Of course I wonder what a good batch would even look like...



Title: FCC Cites Home Owners
Post by: Mike/W8BAC on January 07, 2005, 10:30:12 AM
I own a small fishing boat with an electric motor fitted to the bow. I use 2 LARGE deep cycle batteries to power it. My 20 horse Johnson has no charging system so after every use I had to pop the covers off the batteries and charge them.

I found a line of chargers at Bass Pro Shop that mount in the boat and permanently wire into the system. This product has a sophisticated float charge circuit that maintains the batteries in top condition. It's potted to keep it dry. Made well and expensive.

After installing the charger and taking voltage readings I was convinced the claims where true. This thing worked great!

It took a few days to put 2&2 together. I had not switched on my receivers right away but when I did I had full scale QRM from DC to Daylight. Horrible chopper circuit hash that would grind for 2-3 minutes and taper off, Hash, quiet, Hash, quiet than back with gusto for another round.

I found the brand spanking new charger at fault. The manufacturer turned out to be an importer. They took my information and said they would look into it. They sent a new one out that was just as bad. The only resolution would be to keep it unplugged until I need it and hope no one else in my neighborhood buy's one
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