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Title: Discussing QRM....
Post by: Todd, KA1KAQ on February 28, 2014, 10:33:05 AM

It sounded very like children got on ham radio...

Most folks already appreciate the point of not feeding the trolls, but it bears clarification I guess.

Discussing intentional interference, bad behavior, and other similar topics here is pointless. It does nothing to change the situation and always ends up in just another piss & moan session wasting time and space.

We all know that stupidity is not mode-specific; it's been demonstrated time and time again. Bringing it here simply feeds the egos of the bad children, and gives them a good idea of just how well they are heard, what impact they're having, and so on. About as effective as responding to a jammer on the air. You give them exactly what they crave: attention, which translates to fame in their messed up minds.

If the topic of man-made interference relates to something like the digital noise heard up and down the bands, that's a different matter. It has some technical and informational merit. If you want to discuss jamming, bad language, or other childish behavior, please do so directly with the offending station as that is your best hope for finding answers and solutions. If you recognize their voice, know their callsign, and it's bothering you enough to mention it, give them a call at home or send email. AMfone doesn't need to be a gallery of their exploits.

If the above information is unclear or you have other questions, please contact the site administrators for further clarification. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in maintaining as the premier online resource for the AM community.

Have a nice day.  :)

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