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Title: Wireless Set #19
Post by: KC4ALF on December 29, 2004, 03:47:06 PM
I am new to the forum and think this site is great.
I recently aquired a Wireless set#19 MkII that was modified by the US Coast Gaurd during the war. The modification consits of replacing the standard power supply with an ARC-5 power supply and removing the VHF section of the rig as well as deleting CW capabilities.
The ARC-5 is mounted in place of the VHF section and is well done. The origional Mic connector has been replaced with that of a T-17 Carbon Mike and said mike came with rig.
Has anyone else ever come across this type of mod before or know of it being done on a regular basis?
Once I repair the power connector on the dynamotor I will see if it still fires up.                                                   Tnx.

Title: ws19
Post by: Tom W2ILA on December 31, 2004, 09:02:32 AM
The wireless set #19 has a cult following.  You may want to try this site:

I have never seen the USCG mod but it sounds interesting.  Hope we hear the WS19 on Sunday night CW Old Military Radio Net 3570KC 2100est.


Title: Wireless Set #19
Post by: Vortex Joe - N3IBX on January 01, 2005, 06:37:55 AM
       I've never seen the mod you mentioned but it sounds real interesting to say the least.

Let us know how you make out with it once you get it operational. I'd love to hear it on 40 meters sometime.

The best of luck!
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