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Title: K1EYY
Post by: W1IA on December 29, 2004, 08:49:43 AM
I hope everyone had a chance to work Carl. I picked Carl up from the re-hab hospital last Thurs. and after the 2 hour drive in the deluge of rain we made it back safefully to Derry, NH.

Carl has lost a portion of his memory, but with prompting was able to chat with lots of folks on the air. We celebrated Xmas and had a wonderfull time. Carl hopes to be moving in the near future to a assisted living situation.

Carl settled down in front of the transmitter and spent many hours on the air...with or without me at the controls HA! He complained he couldn't move the freq. of the transmitter due to the fact I have it running in split mode to drive the class-E deck. Carls used to an old Valiant.

We drove back this past Sunday and dropped him off. It helped my kids put things into perspective as far as the true spirit of Xmas and they were very kind to him over his stay.  Keep him in your thoughts and have a great New Year!

Brent W1IA

Title: K1EYY
Post by: Herb K2VH on December 30, 2004, 02:39:49 PM
I was one who worked Carl during his visit to your place.  On behalf of all of us, THANKS BRENTINA! :grin:   It was great to hear him back on the Aeoor.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Title: K1EYY
Post by: W1UJR on December 30, 2004, 04:49:39 PM

Is there an address to which we can send cards and such to Carl?

I know this was posted before, but it was lost during the BB crash.

73 Bruce

Title: Good to Hear OM
Post by: Tom W2ILA on December 31, 2004, 09:12:47 AM
I didn't give a call but instead listened quite a bit to the masses of stations on the air while Carl was at the helm.
It was really great to hear him and I hope you two guys and the family had some fun too.  Thanks for the efforts.  He has been missed on both AM and CW.


Title: K1EYY
Post by: kz0e on December 31, 2004, 10:04:11 AM

Would a sw receiver make sense for Carl in the rehab center? Does he have one?

I just picked up a 'degen 1103' off of epay for pretty cheap, outstanding very small reveiver, much better and smaller than my RS dx-398.  An incredible bargain btw if anyone is looking for such a thing. Two people are shipping them straight out of China. Ext ant plug, dual BW, ssb, am, fm, easy to use, very sensitive. Comes with ext ant, ear buds,. 110V ac adapt, 4- NiMH batterys, nice carrying pouch.

Anyway, if this sounds like something Carl would be able to use and enjoy I'd be happy to get him one. Please let me know.

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