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Title: Museum Sta. W1VCM
Post by: WA3VJB on May 18, 2013, 01:20:05 PM
Welcome to a new AM station on the airwaves !

Worked W1VCM just now on 40m, despite an unsettled band, and their running only a couple dozen watts.

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Nice that you were getting out, Chris (N1WKO) and hoping others on here will get a chance to work you now that the station is up and running.

Also worked, same QSO, KG4LLQ/Ken in central NC, and Bruce, KA8EDE/VE1 who had a great signal from his Flex 3K/amplifier into a dipole. Bruce wants folks to know he's on location in Canada through the end of May, hoping to stay in touch.

WB2LOI Harvey on a nice sounding DX100B, and Dale, W8SYR at Phalanx Mills.

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