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Title: 7295
Post by: K5MIL on April 21, 2012, 04:54:59 PM
04/20/12 - K3IAN in New Mexico calling CQ. Gave him a call and had a nice QSO for about 10 minutes. First contact with the Knight-Kit T-60 and Heathkit VF-1 vfo, running 50 watts into a 40 meter dipole at about 20 feet. Receiver is Drake 2B. Picked up the units last month at the Midland, Texas swap meet. Had to do a bit of restoration as the units were evidently stored in a garage  for some years...very dirty. Replaced all the electrolytics in the T-60. Haven't been on Am in over 10 years, so really exciting making the contact. Will be monitoring around 7290 for more AM activity.

Bill - K5MIL

Title: Re: 7295
Post by: Todd, KA1KAQ on April 21, 2012, 05:17:11 PM
Congrats! And good job on making a FB contact with the low power set up. Sometimes 40 is great for such things, other days it's all over the place. Was on there earlier today and signals were up and down, but the band was quiet so it all worked out.

If you're so-inclined, there's been a group on there in the evenings as well. The SW broadcaster clears out early and there has been a lot of activity on there between 7-10 PM.

Welcome back to AM, too.  :)
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