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Title: Heathkit "Mohican"
Post by: ZL2MC on February 28, 2012, 03:13:56 PM
I have a Heathkit "Mohican" that I have been playing with off and on for a while. It was reasonably well built by the original owner and was improved by a complete re-alignment and an 8ohm speaker and transformer fitted instead of the water damaged 35ohm job. However it's still pretty bad audio quality wise. I believe there is/was a magazine called "Electric Radio" that had an article on improvements - but never seen that mag here. Anyone got any clues please?

My Mohican is the GC1-A US version but I have the GC1-U UK version schematic. I notice there are quite a few component differences in the audio stages - are these the one that the mag mentions?

Title: Re: Heathkit "Mohican"
Post by: Pete, WA2CWA on February 28, 2012, 05:55:28 PM
Electric Radio had several articles on Mohawk improvements but I could find no articles in Electric Radio on the Mohican (GC-1A or GC-1)

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