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Title: "export" 10m mobile radios
Post by: Tom W2ILA on March 25, 2010, 08:20:13 PM
Years ago I had a Uniden 2510 in the car when the band was open.  Sold it. Today I dumpster dove a RadShack HX-100.  Resoldering the mic brought it back to life.  But it doesn't have AM or FM which are somewhat entertaining when mobile.

Did the 2510  have the PL tones and freq offset for FM repeaters?

Or do any of these good buddy "export radios" have AM, SSB, FM: PL and offset?

They all seem a lot less expensive than the mobile ham rigs and used are probably in the $50-$100 range like the used 2510.



Title: Re: "export" 10m mobile radios
Post by: Ed-VA3ES on March 25, 2010, 11:00:11 PM
The Uniden 2600  was the true "amateur" version of the 2510. It had repeater offsets, and a PL tone (88.5hz).   It did not cover 26-30 mhz out of the box like the 2510 did.  
RCI Ranger  has an assortment of amateur radios that cover 24 to 30 mhz,
No PL is specified.

Magnum International has the Magnum 257,
which has splits  but no PL tones are specified.

Radio Shack used to have the HTX-10  which covered all of 10M, included a PL tone, and had splits, and was multi-mode (AM-FM-SSB-CW)

Those are the only rigs I know about.

Title: Re: "export" 10m mobile radios
Post by: flintstone mop on March 26, 2010, 12:57:03 PM
I still have my Shadio Rack HTX10. It was very acceptable audio on A.M. for un-modified and un-adjustable tweeking controls.

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