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Title: How to calculate theoretical tank inductance for Link Antenna Coupler
Post by: aa5wg on January 20, 2010, 07:42:11 PM
Hi to all:

(1) How do you calculate the theoretical inductance of a tank coil for a given band, i.e. 1/8 Mhz/160 meters?  This tank coil is for a link antenna coupler.  I will be connecting the tank/output capacitor electriclly in the middle of the tank coil dividing it into two halves.  

If the length of the antenna system is 3.5 quarter wavelengths long then antenna system is 1/8 wavelength to long to be true current/low impedance feed.  This length is also 1/8 wavelength to short to be true voltage/high impeadance feed.   I need to add 3/8 wavelength of inductane to the tank coil to achieve 5 quarter wavelengths in total length.  This 5 quarter lenght would be a high current point, loop, for low impeadance/current feed.  I want to current feed the antenna system.

(2) How to you calculate for this extra 3/8 wavelenght of inductance that will be added to output tank coil?

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