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Title: The Science of Radio / Paul J. Hahin
Post by: K5UJ on May 29, 2009, 07:44:48 PM
The Science of Radio / Paul J. Nahin (E.E. Dept. U. New Hampshire)
c1996 and later edition
Woodbury, New York : Springer and American Institute of Physics Press.  296 p.

From the back cover:  In the eighty years since its invention, radio has become an integral part of our lives.  As this remarkable innovative book demonstrates, the story of AM radio can also be the source of unique learning experience.  It provides an ideal context for an encounter with basic electrical engineering, serving to simplify the mastery of primary concepts and applications.  By focusing specifically on the workings of AM radio, The Science of Radio offers both a fascinating history of radio as an information and entertainment medium and a practical, applications-oriented introduction to electrical engineering.  A number of challenging problems, with answers and/or solution hints provided for nearly all of them, are in the book.

Selected text etc. such as Chapt. 6 Mathematics of AM Sidebands is available at Google Books:

Interesting (to me) chapters:

Chapter 1 Solution to an old problem
Chapter 2 Pre-Radio History of Radio Waves
Chapter 3 Antennas as Launchers and Interceptors of Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 4 Early Radio
Chapter 5 Receiving Spark Transmitter Signals
Chapter 6 Mathematics of AM Sidebands
Chapter 7 First Continuous Waves and Heterodyne Concept
Chapter 8 Birth of Electronics

Chapter 19 Synchronous Demodulation and Its Problems
Chapter 20 Analytic Signals and Single-Sideband Radio

Appendix D Resonance in Electrical Circuits

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