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Title: How to use the Gallery
Post by: W2INR on April 27, 2007, 06:42:12 AM
 This is a 20 meg gallery for each registered user here on the site. If you choose to use the Gallery it is simple.

1) On the menu bar (at the top of the forum where you see "Home Help Search "etc etc) and click on Gallery.

2) You should be in the main page of the Gallery. In the upper right hand corner you will see the bracket comments - [ MyGallery ] [ MyImages ]  [ Search ] - Click on my gallery. You should see your registered user name on the top and an option to add a category. Create a category. You just need to fill out the Title and Description to start and click on the Add category button.

Now you are back to the User page and you will see your category listed under Gallery Name. Click on the name. You are now ready to upload pictures. You will see some options like add a subcategory, Add Picture and return to gallery. We want Add picture. Click on it.  The rest is pretty straight forward. If you need help post it in Using the BBS.

Image size can be no larger than 600x400. File size no larger than 2 megs. The program will not load pictures larger than these settings.
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