Winterfest 2002

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Pictured below are some of the frequent 3870KHz crew. These fine gentleman provide hours of entertainment for the Pacific Northwest hams who visist 3870. Picture was taken at the 2nd annual Winterfest, which is an informal get together of avid AMers for a BBQ, story (lie) telling and swap meet held at Thompson aircraft at the Prosser airport.

BACK Brent AC7DA, Paul VE7KHz, Mike KC7OYY, Steve KF7EH, Mike N7KLV, Dick KB7RIK, Steve KL7OF, Lee, Mac W7JHS, Ray W7GEC, Pat K7YIR, Bob W7XS, Neil W7LMZ

Below are some pictures of the fellows at the swap meet, enjoying each others company, good food and stories.

Mark with his new receiver. What a nice rig. Really smooth controls.

The Winterfest is held at Thompson Airfield and is hosted by one of the most well known hams in the northwest, Cormac W7JHS. He opened up his hanger for the swap meet and BBQ and had tables all setup and covered with nice clean paper for the gear to placed on. He, his wife and friends hosted a wonderful BBQ Friday night with refreshments, burgers, hot dogs, salads chips cookies and some Sockeye Salmon provided by Steve KL7OF and myself (VE7KHz)

Bob KA7WOC and Steve WB7BNZ checking out the SX-73 (post sale).


Ray W7GEC, Steve WB7BNZ, Lee, John WB0RLD and Dick KC7RIK


Steve KL7OF and Steve KF7EH. Yes, you've counted correctly. 3 Steves in the Northwest makes for some interesting roundtables.   Who is that masked man? Why it's Mac, W7JHS our gracious host.


WOW! Jerry K7LFE can sure build some beautiful gear. This is one of his many home-brews that he brought for the show and tell portion of the weekend.

Roy KA7NGT and some of his treasures.

And some of the weather us crazy hams endure to go to a swap meet. This is the Snolqualmie pass east of Seattle.


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